Lembang On Weekend

IMG_0861 EDBack again, at least, to this site. I had some issues with technical last months, all is good now. This post is about Lembang City Tour I had on long weekend while ago. Me and a friend played tourists, from visiting Bosscha Observatory to tasting a fantastic Sundanese food.

Above is a blurry photo of Zeiss double refractor inside the Koepel (*major crush alert*). I was in an awe about how cool the refractor is, the floor hydraulic system, basically, everything. The low quality picture absolutely didn’t do any justice, it was low light ambience and just me being incompetent in capturing. There was a vintage Herman Miller chair placed nicely in the middle, can’t help but noticing.

IMG_0872 ed

Here is the Koepel I described, a view from its backyard. The whole area itself called Bosscha Observatory consist of many shelter for its refractor, multimedia, library, souvenir shop and much more but people often mistaken this Koepel as Bosscha Observatory.

IMG_0880 ED

A little glimpse of my outfit because I could not resist that my outer matched the green scenery. Postscript: I didn’t plan it out.

I was staying on Imah Seniman during this trip. I am quite satisfied with this hotel because I like the architecture and the services and the food they served.

I also visited Maribaya Hotspring, please be alert if you planning to go on weekend because the traffic can be a little stressful. They got plenty spot for Instagramable pictures and outdoor activity for family.


IMG_1055 ED

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