Huit Things #1

Kimi no na wa YG

1. Kimi no Na wa

I’ve been obsessed with this movie. I adore the scenes, the story line, the characters, everything is so on point. This movie was released on December 7th in my country. I’m holding my curiosity for months just to watch it in cinema.


2. Your Name by RADWIMPS

Stated above I’m obsessed with Kimi no Na wa, the soundtrack is irresistible. Right after watched the movie, I found myself addicted to the soundtrack.


3. Death Note: Light Up The New World

I grew up reading Death Note. I was freaked out when this movie released. A whole different story of course, but I enjoyed watching it. Also, Ryuk is graphically better in this movie.


4. Ambitions by ONE OK ROCK

Looking forward. Enough said. One of my favorite band all the time, they always produce wonderful music so far. I have high expectation especially after hearing their two singles from this album.


5. Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman

Never thought words can be written like this. Exquisite. I haven’t read all of the poems but I can say this is definitely my cup of tea.


6. Brand Perception Test

I found this site from Pinterest and it helps a lot to discover my strength. I used to troubled when interviewer asking me about my strength point. Doesn’t mean that I don’t know pretty much stuff about myself but somehow I find it hard to put those into simple words. My results from the site is me in words, so I am happy to have these results as my strength point summary.


7. Dennis Stock works of James Dean

So I randomly switched channels on TV and found a movie titled Life. I instantly like it and doing a little web surfing on the original works of Dennis Stock. I quite impressed by the movie even I knew it must be added with a lot of drama. But that’s how I see a single photo. How the photographer captured the moment. How the subject(s) interact. The scenery. The story behind it.


8. Erin Brokovich

Another movie that I found from switching channels. I like it a lot, again, even so I knew it must me dramatized. I like it that someone’s background does not do any justice to his passion slash career slash future. The storyline is somewhat makes me cringe, in a good way.

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