Lembang On Weekend

Back again, at least, to this site. I had some issues with technical last months, all is good now. This post is about Lembang City Tour I had on long weekend while ago. Me and a friend played tourists, from visiting Bosscha Observatory to tasting a fantastic Sundanese food. Above is a blurry photo of Zeiss double refractor […]

Huit Things #2

1. Kill Your Darlings “Be careful, you are not in Wonderland. I’ve heard the strange madness long growing in your soul, in your isolation but you fortunate in your ignorance. You who have suffered find where love hides, give, share, lose, lest we die unbloomed.” I know nothing when I watched this movie. No expectation. […]

June x July Phone Shots

I do fond of black and white scenery. Most of them, can’t go wrong in my artistic-visual-perception. I do think-most of the times-that vibrant color is too loud and too much. I also appreciate low saturation. I don’t know, for me, black and white are honest. And the shades between them are beautiful. The thing […]

Remembering Sunday

♫ Remembering Sunday – All Time Low It is odd. How a certain tunes brings you back to a certain memory. And feeling. Some of the times, I think music is the closest thing we had to time machine.     I haven’t write much in this site due to technical issue this past two […]


It’s a brand new day. Not because I wake up in the morning, rise and shine non-sense,  but because I haven’t sleep, yet. Don’t even know what to do. It’s getting harder to breath. Just try to let out some thoughts. Vomitting words. Hoping to ease mind, at least. Don’t even know what I’m trying […]